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Testimonials – Real Estate Mexico


Jaime, California

I wish I had worked with the Ai team when I first bought real estate in Sayulita. I bought land that was not titled with another real estate agent and have been paying the costs since. With their professional help I hope to be getting the property in my name soon, but the costs and hassle have been very discouraging. Work with Ai to find a legally safe property and understand what you are buying before you buy!

Denise, Chicago

After waiting for over 2 years for the completion of my land regularization and title in Sayulita, Mexico, Ai Real Estate Group was quickly able to identify the issues that were stalling the process. Ai’s staff made me feel comfortable about the entire situation, and engaged the appropriate parties immediately. Ai was able to control all costs, and to resolve the situation by reaching out to their trusted network of legal advisors. I’m really happy I found Ai Real Estate Group.

Mary, Santa Fe

Ai Real Estate Group knew what to do, and how to do it, when it seemed no one else did.  Ai’s ability to communicate my needs to my Mexican contractor made our real estate project run smoothly, and was a great success — once Ai joined the team!

Nick S., Sayulita

Perfect results from true professionals. Ai Real Estate Group worked with my family to change our legal status and then transition us to Permanent Resident Status. We also had a tricky situation with leaving and re-entering the country that Ai anticipated and dealt with, without any stress for us. We were very pleased and would utilize Ai Real Estate Group again!

CJ, Sayulita

With so many ex-pats needing help with the Mexican way of doing things and the paperwork it entails, this service was badly needed, and I am glad Ai Real Estate Group opened their doors. Ai is helping me get a shipment of household goods over the border by obtaining a Mexican Customs Broker for me. What more could I want? Whatever it is, I am sure Ai Real Estate Group can provide it!

Jack, Sayulita

Ai Real Estate Group has assisted me with an FM3, remodeling contractors, and getting a copy of government plans for the new town construction currently in progress. Ai Real Estate Group does it all, and makes it easy.

Marty M., California

Ai Real Estate Group helped me acquire real estate in Mexico. Ai professionals had an excellent understanding of the process, were always available, very responsive and worked well with the other professionals in the mix. I highly recommend Ai Real Estate Group.

Lynda, San Pancho

I don’t think I could have navigated the car regularization maze without Ai Real Estate Group. Ai communicated well and answered all my (many) questions knowledgeably. Great staff.

Nancy + Warren, Northern California

Ai Real Estate Group’s ability to ask the right questions, listen intuitively to our responses, and gather the appropriate information was helpful on so many levels… Ai’s vast knowledge of Mexican culture and fluency in Spanish makes a person feel as though they have experienced the true history and beauty of the country.

Judi Russell, New York City

Ai Real Estate Group’s staff have strong analytic skills, good research capacity and are extremely hard working. Ai Real Estate Group is committed to producing high quality work in a timely manner and are always willing to go the extra mile.

Yvonne + Thorn, Tahoe 

Ai Real Estate Group can handle any of your needs in Mexico. I have used Ai Real Estate Group’s services and received lots of advice from them. Ai is knowledgeable regarding the laws in Mexico. Don’t stress — let Ai handle your business for you. If you are buying or selling a home or need immigration help as well, Ai Real Estate Group is for you. I highly recommend Ai Real Estate Group for all your needs.

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