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Are you thinking of starting a business in Sayulita? The Relocation Services arm of Ai Real Estate Group helps clients with business aspirations, by listening to their ideas and framing them in the local context. You are operating in a new land, and need to be compliant with local laws and ways of doing business. Benefit from our knowledgeable team and their years of experience. We do Tax Registrations + Filings, Business Licenses, Contracts and more.

Services Offered

  • Immigration + Tax Registration
  • Tax Filings
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business Licenses
  • Contracts

Top Questions Answered

What do I need to have a business in Sayulita?

Finding and communicating with staff, dealing with electrical outages, mould, lack of parking, as well as delayed or non-existent recycling and trash pick up — the challenges for business owners in Mexico can be many… Successful business owners roll with the punches and are constantly adjusting their business plans to fit changing circumstances. Every individual who is working with a business must have authorization from INM (immigration authorities) and a tax identification (RFC) which reflects the type of activity they are conducting. Beyond this, we can look at what other specific needs your business will have. If you have employees, other considerations must be handled appropriately.

How much will I pay in taxes?

The amount of taxes your business will pay in Mexico depends on the type of activity you are conducting and your clientele. There are a multitude of ways you can register with the Hacienda (aka SAT, the tax authorities). Once we understand your situation and goals, Ai Real Estate Group will make recommendations that will allow you to pay what is legally required. As a foreigner, taxes in your home country may be applicable as well.