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Do you know what type of Visa you need while in Mexico, or how to qualify for citizenship Relocation Services staff within Ai Real Estate Group have solved immigration problems for hundreds of expats. A short consultation with our team will get you in the know, and help you understand our next steps without making expensive mistakes. Our Relocation Services professionals will handle your entire immigration process, from your first visit to the Mexican Consulate in your country of origin, right up to the point that you get your green card in hand, so that you can relax on the beach or tend to other important matters!

Services Offered

  • Temporary + Permanent Residency
  • Work Permit
  • Notifications
  • Consultation
  • Citizenship

Top Questions Answered

Can I extend my Tourist Visa?

No. A Tourist Visa allows 180 days in Mexico. There is no way to extend it, however, by crossing an international border you can get a new Tourist Visa, and thus another 180 days.

How do I start the Residency process?

The process initiates at the nearest Mexican Consulate in your home country. Depending on how you qualify and which consulate you are going to, the initial application varies. Once you enter Mexico on the Visa that the Consulate issues you, you have 30 days to complete the next step in the process with INM here in Mexico.

Are there time constraints if I am a Temporary or Permanent Resident?

Unlike the old FM3 and FM2 Visas, there are no time restrictions that require you to be in Mexico a set amount of time in order to maintain your legal Residency. If, however, you are looking at becoming a Mexican citizen, there are time constraints applicable to your time as a Resident.

What if I cannot stay in Mexico the length of time that it takes to complete the Residency process?

This process takes approximately 30 days. If you cannot stay in Mexico the full amount of time it takes for INM to issue you your new Visa, you must file for special Permission To Leave. The Permission allows you 60 days out of the country to return and continue your INM process.