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Vehicles in Mexico

Ai Real Estate Group has valuable information and contacts to ensure your vehicle is legal in Mexico. From permits and importation, to purchasing and plates, we will take you through these complex and very different legal processes.

Services Offered

  • Importation (with and without having to go to the border with vehicles, trailers, goods, etc.)
  • Plates
  • Purchase/Sale
  • Annual Taxes
  • Safe Return Permit

Top Questions Answered

Do I have to have Temporary or Permanent Residency to purchase a Mexican vehicle?

No. You can purchase a Mexican vehicle as a Tourist, but you do have to show proof of Residency, such as a CFE or TelMex bill.

Can I sell my car in Mexico?

If you imported your vehicle temporarily, you signed an agreement that says you will NOT sell your vehicle in Mexico with the TIP condition. If you were to sell it, you would be compromising both parties: you would never be able to import a vehicle again, and the buyer is going to be driving around in a car that is not legally in their name, and thus becomes vulnerable in the eyes of the law. If you want to sell your car in Mexico, you must first permanently import it or drive it out of the country, expunge it from your record, and then the buyer can import it temporarily under their name. Buyer beware!

Who can drive my car while I am away from Mexico?

If you have Temporary Residency and you plan to take a trip, it is NOT recommended that you allow anyone to drive your vehicle. If someone is going to drive your car, refer to Article 106 of the Aduana law which allows immediate family members to drive the vehicle. Make sure you have proper documentation to back up the relationship though: for example, if your spouse drives your car, you will need to prove the marriage with your marriage license and leave a copy of your immigration cards.

How can I get Mexican plates for my car?

Unless your car is permanently imported to Mexico, you cannot get Mexican plates. Foreign plates are often a target for unscrupulous police officers. This is a motivating factor for those who are interested in “Mexicanizing” their vehicle, especially if the vehicle stays in Mexico. Often times, the time and pay-off associated with having foreign plates justifies paying for the permanent importation of your vehicle.